This page contains comments that I’ll be making on other students’ blogs.

First Comment, September 15th on Kelly’s Corner.

Hey Kelly,

Great post. You’ve got a fun writing style to read!

That really is actually a pretty great blog! I checked out a few of their posts myself. It’s a nice layout, and you’re right — she has some pretty eye-catching headlines, and I actually found myself there longer than I thought I’d be! Sweet find, cool blog.

Second Comment, September 29th, on areynagaSAU (This is for the third week).

Hey Alejandro,

Great point about what social media is being used for now. I think we really have seen in the last couple years a change in social media — from connecting, to now just shared enjoyment. Vine, Snapchat, even facebook to extent are just videos now, and it’s fun to just watch. Not to demean connectedness, or how much people do use it to talk to friends, but I do think there has been that shift.

Good point, hadn’t thought of that.

Third Comment, October 7th, 2016, on Kelly’s Corner.

Loved the pictures you were able to get for these. Especially that last one really is a super great picture of campus. Sweet collection of tweets.

Fourth comment, October 21st, 2016, on PR Life Blog. 


Good point. Totally agree. I’m way more likely to email than call as well haha.

I think it’s made it easier to connect, which in romance means it can be easier to go a little faster. However, it’s also a little easier to exaggerate the truth in media than it is face to face. Texting and emailing has a tendency to make things seem less personal. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad. I think we’ve all heard the rule that you should never break up with someone via text.

I think media has both helped *and* hurt romance. But like you said — I think really, it’s just different.