Changes to The Buzz after one semester

Well, first semester of designing a newspaper is over. I learned what I could from scratch, visited newspaper design sites everyday, and looked at newspaper front page as often as I could. So I learned a lot! And in general, I was very happy with the result. After all the changes I made throughout the semester, I was thrilled to have created what I had created.

However, naturally, I’m not 100% satisfied with my work. There were a couple things last semester that I’d done that in the end, I simply wasn’t happy with. No matter how much I fiddled, and rearranged, and changed the font, it was the idea that I didn’t like; and some of those things simply had to go.

So, as I started out this semester, I spent a good bit of time evaluating what the paper had to offer, and what changes I could make in order to improve it the most I possibly could.

Here’s a version of the old paper, the last issue of the semester: The Buzz, Vol.25, Iss.6

And here’s the updated version, created before the start of the semester: Buzz Redesign, 2017 (all articles copied and pasted from, and original authors cited when possible)

Couple things to note,

Firstly, I’ve changed the logo slightly and gotten rid of the story headers. These were two things I was never entirely happy with. The logo itself wasn’t bad (it’s burned into the glass door, so I better be happy with it!) but it was mostly the empty space that it left, and how I was filling it. I was never happy with how the story previews looked, and eventually I decided it was time to get rid of those altogether. Instead, I replaced them with one single story that ran underneath the header. I think that’ll be enough. And, it gives me room to run 5 stories on the front page!

Secondly, I have replaced gone back to Playfair Display as the header instead of Utopia. They’re both fantastic fonts, but I’m going to try to go down the sharper road again. I’m sticking with Utopia as the body font, because it’s simply too good at that to ever attempt to redesign. Hopefully Playfair Display works out for headlines though.

Thirdly, I have redone the “story continues” bit, and this is probably the change I’m happiest with! Instead of taking up as much space as it did before, I’m using a comma instead of the word “continues.” I think this looks a lot neater, and I’ve made it a slightly smaller font size (from 11-9) in order to clean it up even more.

Other than that, the paper will remain mostly the same design wise. I’ve changed the leading from 11 to 10, which is hardly anything, but we’ll see if I have to change that. I don’t think anyone other than me could possibly notice that, though.

The consistent goal with this paper for me is one of two things: firstly, to make the newspaper look the least like a student designed it as possible, and make it look like a fully professionally designed paper. Secondly, to learn indesign the best I possibly can through creating it.

So far, I’m making good progress towards both!

Happy Designing,




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