Advice to Prospective Bloggers

As we near the end of the year, each of us is asked by Dr. Billman to share what we would like prospective bloggers to know. I’ve learned a bit since doing this blog, and a couple of them I think could be worth sharing.

First and foremost, incorporate your own style into the blog. Unlike a lot of other papers and writings you have to do in college, blogs don’t necessarily have to follow a strict formula. I’m currently having to write papers in strict APA, one in MLA, and another class where I am learning AP style. All of those have rules, and I have to look up abbreviations, how to attribute correctly, and other little details that effect my grade. This blog isn’t like that. You’re free! Write however you want to write, talk however you want to talk. People don’t come to blogs for technical writing, they come because they want to hear you.

Secondly, incorporate what you love into this. It makes these assignments much more enjoyable for you, but also makes for a better blog. Bad blogs are the lifeless ones, where it just feels like an assignment that you wrote the night before and put no actual heart or knowledge into. For me, my hobby is typography and fonts. So, a lot of my posts had to do with how fonts impact communication. If you’re into running, for example, you can write about how running companies  handle marketing and public relations. If you’re into food, you can talk about how restaurants handle PR, and how the Food Channel markets itself, or things like that. Make it relevant to yourself, and others care much more.

Thirdly, set aside actual time to do it. Don’t just write it the night before, set aside actual time to do it. In fact, if there’s a time that works, write a couple of them and use the scheduling feature to make it easier on yourself! Some of the assignments are more time sensitive, others really aren’t. You can get this assignment out of the way, but also have fun and relieve a little stress while you do it if you prioritize correctly.

Lastly, treat this as an example to learn wordpress. Whatever field you’re going into, learning computers and internet is valuable. If you’re familiar with how to maintain a wordpress website, that makes you very valuable in the communication field. A lot of companies use wordpress (I have brothers who specifically create wordpress sites for companies, so that’s where I’m getting that factoid), and being able to create it and maintain it yourself saves your company money and makes you a valuable asset. Put effort into learning how to maintain your blog; you’ll be doing yourself a favor.


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