New App (Weekly Post)

So for this post, I had to try out an app that I’ve never used before. So, with my crappy, tiny phone, I went to the app store, and asked myself what all the kids are usin’ these days. The obvious answer: Snapchat.

Snapchat is the newest, latest-and-greatest app for sharing intimate pictures with hot friends and potentially hot strangers, or so I hear. So I got it, and created my account, all set to go.


Snapchat was an obvious creation once we installed a camera onto this sucker right here.

First things first, I didn’t know what to do. There weren’t a lot of super clear instructions, and I didn’t really understand it. I’ve used instagram before, and I thought it would be something similar to that. It was not. I had to actually know people’s usernames, and add friends, and there’s something about my story (which is like, my own personal ones, but saved.. or not saved?). Some universal things were showing up I guess, as well as a section for news, which was definitely just written news from glamour / cashier-stand magazines, which I find rather strange. If I wanted to read the news, I don’t think I would be doing it through Snapchat.


“How do I get to the filters?” “That doesn’t have filters, Grandma”

However, the app was incredibly slow for me. As I’ve mentioned, my phone is pretty old, and fairly bad. Apparently, it wasn’t really able to handle snapchat. It took ages to start, crashed more than once, and was generally unresponsive. My front camera is bad enough quality to essentially not exist, so that’s pointless as well. The app took up nearly 175 mb, which was much much more than I could afford to lose.

So, in the end, after about 1 hour of use, I uninstalled it.

I’ll have to find some other app with which to message my girlfriend.


5 thoughts on “New App (Weekly Post)

  1. Dan, I’m sorry that you had such a bad time with snapchat. I honestly can agree with some of what your saying from the stand point of it doesn’t have any real directions. I also get the feelings that your having about the app freezing and being unresponsive. My phone is doing the something and it’s not super old. I think it might have something to do with the app itself and hopefully an update will fix it. However snapchat can be a fun way to watch major events in the world. Typically snapchat as story’s that other people contribute to for things like the Olympics and the world series which are super interesting since you get a first person perspective that you might not otherwise get.


    • I know, I think I have a little bit of the “Old man yells at clowds” syndrome with that. I’ve been able to use Periscope and twitter for their livestreaming stuff to satisfy some of those up-to-date news things.


  2. I don’t actually send snaps, but I do love the geo filters and stickers and what not. I’ve been using snapchat to take pictures add the bells and whistles to the image and then save it in my photos.


    • I just hardly do much communicating through my phone. I have a few friends I facebook chat with. I haven’t even had talk/texting on my phone for about three weeks now, because I haven’t needed it.


  3. Daniel,
    I am surprised you have never used Snapchat, it is one of my favorite Apps! If you do end up getting a new phone, I think you would have a totally different experience and find it a fun App to use. Although it does distract me a lot, it is one of my favorites! You are also very right about reading the news from Snapchat, I personally never click on those, but I’m sure for some people that is how they do read the news, which I believe could be very inaccurate. Good post this week!

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