Changes to The Buzz after first issue

So the first issue of The Buzz came out! Pretty exciting, pretty exciting.

However, there were a few things in it that I wasn’t crazy about. Things always look different in print than on screen, and I made a few decisions that, after looking at now on the paper, I’m really just not as sold on. So, I made a couple changes to fonts and small changes to layout.

Firstly, the headline font is changed. 

Originally, I went with BodoniXT for my headline font. It’s a display serif, and it looked pretty nice. However, after seeing it in print, it just seemed so straight, and lacking in any fun. So after looking at a couple newspapers for inspiration, I ended up going with Playfair Display as my new headline font.


Playfair is a very similar font, but if you look at it, the serif points are more defined, and most importantly, the letters are smaller. BodoniXT seems so stretched, so when it isn’t all caps it looks a little bit skinny. Playfair luckily doesn’t suffer from this issue, and I think that in general, it’s a lot more fun to look at.

Secondly, I changed the banner.

I was never super pleased with the banner, but I let it slide. However, after viewing it in print, I knew it had to change. I was previously using Articulate Narrow for the banner, but it looked blocky and cheap. So I tried to experiment with something I didn’t have in the paper, which was a geometric sans serif. So I’ve changed that from Articulate Narrow to Moon.


Secondly, as you can see, I added our website in the bannerhead. This was a silly detail I had missed for the first issue. Adding it helps the whole space to feel like it’s more taken up by meaningful information.


This was one of my biggest, and happiest changes. I was really, really unhappy with what I’d decided to do for fonts. It was lazy, and most importantly just really didn’t fit in with the overall scheme. I was using a thick, narrow Sans Serif called Kenyan Coffee. I wanted to use it because I liked the font, but unfortunately I chose to use in a place that really makes it feel out of place. After looking at a few other newspapers, I decided on a different tactic, which was to use a Small Caps font, Felix Tilting. I also did, however, decide to use an author byline, which is something we’d done in previous issues and I had taken out.


This way, I’m hoping it makes all the articles look more professional.

Smaller changes,

I also made some smaller changes. All of the instances in which I would generally use The Bold Font, I’ve changed to using Franklin Gothic Heavy. It looks a little more uniform, and in my opinion it has more consistent kerning.

I also changed the font size from 11 to 10.5, and started using the Wall Street Journal style for photo credit, which is to run the author’s credit sideways along the wall of the picture.

Lastly, I changed the font sizes down for a number of things. In print, it’s easier to read small fonts than on screen. For things like indexes, photo descriptions, and a couple other things (most of them having to do with Articulate) I went from a size 10 or 11 to a size 8 or lower.

So that’s all I’ve done for this issue. I’m sure I’ll find more wrong with the next issue as well.

Happy Designing,

Daniel M.


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