Fonts “The Buzz” Uses

Hey everyone,

In case you ever find yourself wondering what fonts are used in the school newspaper, the Buzz, here they are:

  • Headline: Bodoni XT (found here)
  • Subhead: Adobe Kaiti (free with Adobe Suite)
  • Body Text: Timeless (found here)
  • Other Various Text:
    • Franklin Book & Demi (free with Adobe Suite)
    • Californian (free with Adobe Suite)
    • Adobe Song (free with Adobe Suite)
    • Kenyan Coffee (found here)
    • Tall, Dark and Handsome (found here)
    • Lobster (found here)

Whatever it is you’re typing, or designing, make sure you use the right fonts. In the same way that a chef plates food to improve the taste, any message you can create is changed by how it is presented.

To finish it up, here’s a quote from designer Hermann Zapf on the importance of typography.

“Typography is two-dimensional architecture, based on experience and imagination, and guided by rules and readability.”



Happy Designing!







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